Sometimes “do it for me” makes a lot more sense than “we better hurry up and learn how to do this.” That’s where Quirx comes in. We can shift and scale rapidly to meet your needs, pulling together teams dedicated to your specific industry and your specific goals. The result should be a sigh of relief. Followed by results.

Content Creation
Good content creators are hard to come by and even harder to retain without burning them out. Our superpower is a network of passionate, dialed-in writers and content creators with a proven track record. Get what you need without having to hire a full time copywriting staff.

B2b Newsroom
In order to stay relevant, businesses must demonstrate expertise and an understanding of the current industry landscape. Our newsroom team, composed of trained journalists, has the skill set needed to keep you in the conversation when it matters most. Quickly respond to current events, trends, and buzz in your industry while positioning yourself as a thought leader.

Social Media
We’ve all seen what happens when someone hires an inexperienced social media coordinator. Don’t let social be your weakest link. We’ll develop social media content that doesn’t stray from your brand voice or alienate your customers. Engage and show that you’re relevant, reachable, and up to date on what’s happening in your industry.

White Papers
A white paper shouldn’t exist simply because you think you should have a white paper. We’ll work with your sales and marketing leaders to develop and execute white papers that provide tangible value and position you as experts in your field.

Sales Sheets
Communicate what you have to offer clearly and concisely without boring your prospects. It’s a fine line to walk, but that’s why you’re hiring experts to do it for you. We’ll work with your sales team to understand what’s been successful in the past, and where there’s room for improvement.

Solution Briefs
Sometimes solutions aren’t simple. But when it comes to communicating complex ideas, you need to be as clear as possible. We’ll help you explain what you do without overwhelming your prospects, and we’ll connect your solutions to the concrete needs of your customers. All in an elegant brief that you’re proud to share.

In our new remote normal, people are incredibly burned out on virtual events. Now more than ever, it’s critical to offer webinars that have tangible value to attendees. We’ll help you stand out and execute online events that support your content marketing system and drive prospects down the funnel.

We may be spending less time commuting these days, but podcasts are still as relevant as ever. We’ll help you develop a podcast strategy, identify core talent within your organization, identify and book guests, and execute a podcast that enhances your brand and supports your sales team.

Event Support
Events are back! They may look different than they used to, but that’s all the more reason to make sure they leave a good impression. We can support you in everything from developing programming to creating take-home materials that won’t land directly in the recycling bin.

Video Concepting & Scripts
More than 80% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. If you’re not playing in this space already, you need to be here. We’ll help you by creating video concepts and writing scripts that help you stand out with explainers, sizzles, and social videos that increase engagement.

People still love the simplicity of a good infographic. Make this style of content work for you by strategizing what you want to communicate and sharing complex content through elegant, easy-to-digest design. Infographics are great for website content as well as social media content. Don’t miss the opportunity to reach visual learners.